Wirz Vineyards Harvest

Covered a harvest of Riesling grapes hand picked from dry-farmed, head trained vines at Wirz Vineyards in Hollister, California back in October.  These folks worked fast fast fast.



SLO Down Wine

I shot photos of Bo Silliman, Chip Forsythe and Brandon Allen who own SLO Down Wines at their Dogpatch area office for the Chronicle recently.  They make one wine which is a Zinfandel and Syrah blend called “Sexual Chocolate”, an homage to Eddie Murphy’s fictitious band of the same name from the movie Coming to America, of course.  They also own a bright yellow ’67 VW bus that was used for distribution until it was broken into and rendered inoperable, now it is used mainly for storing wine and as an extra bed for friends that need a place to crash.

These guys were pretty fun to shoot, really laid back and unpretentious, and it didn’t hurt that they were already half way into a 24 pack of Pabst at 10 in the morning!  The van was parked in their garage which was really dark and unappealing so they pushed it out onto the street so we could get some frames and goof around.  Cool!

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