Luxe Valet

Luxe Valet is a San Francisco start-up that boasts on demand valet parking for it’s clients.  By using their phone app you can schedule one of their valets to meet you anywhere in San Francisco,(When I was there during their beta testing their zone only covered the Financial District, SOMA, and the Mission) They pick up your car from you and park it in a secure lot nearby, also offering to wash and fill up your tank for an extra charge, and when your ready to leave, use the app again and the valet will bring your car to your location.  Since the locations of their clients changes the valets use blue scooters, that match their blue jackets, to get to and from customers and the parking lots they use.

I got to tag along with valet Josh Dunlap during the beginning of his shift as he worked out of a lot on 2nd St. near South Park.  I brought my skateboard to ride so I could keep up with him while he was scootering around to meet clients in the area, which was fun.  The only problem photographically was the valets have continually check their phones every few seconds for updates on where and when to meet their clients so I ended up with a lot of photos of him standing around looking at his phone.  Still, I can’t complain about an assignment where I get to ride my board and take photos!

You can read the article here: Valet Startup




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