Raiderette Labor Dispute

I recently had 15 minutes to photograph Oakland Raiders cheerleader Lacy T. at her lawyers office in Oakland during a media announcement.  Lacy has filed a class action suit on behalf of the 40 Raiderettes and other members of the squad against the Raiders organization in Alameda County Superior Court, claiming that the team failed to pay minimum wages and illegally saddled the squad with fines and travel expenses.

The Raiders pay their cheerleaders $1,250 for a season of 10 home games. Lacy T.’s lawsuit said their wages amount to less than $5 an hour – below the state’s $8 minimum wage – counting the hours of unpaid work they are required to perform at rehearsals, 10 charity events per season and the team’s annual swimsuit calendar photo session.

The suit also accused the Raiders of violating California law by requiring the Raiderettes to pay all costs of travel, team-mandated cosmetics and other items; by fining them for such offenses as bringing the wrong pom-poms to practice; by withholding their pay until the end of the season instead of paying them at least twice a month; and by prohibiting them, in their work contracts, from discussing their pay with each other.

Read more here: Raiderette Lawsuit

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