Dr. Edward Manougian

Dr. Manougian is under investigation by the FBI, the Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  He is likely to loose his medical license to practice medicine as a result of the investigation into the prolific levels of pain medication prescriptions he handed out from his East Bay office which have been linked to the deaths of 3 patients under his care.  Though there is no standard for pain medication dosage most doctors agree that patients taking more than about 200 milligrams of morphine-equivalent medication per day are on a high dose and deserve a careful reassessment.  Manougian has been known to prescribe 1200 milligrams a day or more to single patients.  Manougian denies any wrong doing and says that he is a doctor who offers hope to his patients, a bold prescriber who understands the doses required to effectively treat chronic pain.

Read the article here: Bay Citizen


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