The 50 year anniversary of the only escape from Alcatraz is on Monday the 11th of June.  Inmates John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris used spoons to tunnel through heating vents and shimmy up a pipe in between the walls to the roof before scaling 2 barbed wire topped fences and slipping off the island in a raft made of raincoats.  No one has seen or heard from them since that day in 1962 and there is a sharp divide in opinions as to whether they made it to freedom or succumbed to the harsh elements of San Francisco Bay.

I hopped on the ferry and had to pretend I was just another tourist because the prison wasn’t granting media access until Monday when they would hold a press conference, but the Chronicle wanted photos earlier so I did my best to blend in, which isn’t too hard because everyone has a camera around their neck out there!

Article here: Alcatraz escape nears 50th anniversary



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