Bayview Foreclosures

I shot a feature for the SF Weekly recently in the Hunters Point/Bayview district where foreclosures are happening at a disproportionately higher rate then in the rest of San Francisco.  I meet the writer on a Saturday for a BBQ  at Dexter Cato’s re-occupied house on Quesada St. which is in the process of being foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo.  Dexter’s house, which is covered in large signs blasting banks and foreclosure policies, serves as a pseudo-base camp for people in the predominately African-american neighborhood to congregate and gather information on how to fight to save their homes.

I also walked around the neighborhood with Geary Brown, who is fighting his own foreclosure, as he spoke with residents and passed out fliers with information about an upcoming Occupy San Francisco march scheduled to disrupt a Wells Fargo shareholders meeting in the financial district.

You can read the article here: THE DISPOSSESSED

Vivian Richards lives a few houses down from Dexter and recently won a loan modification after she and advocates blasted her lender, Aurora Bank, with, she estimates, 700 phone calls and 1,400 e-mails.

Geary Brown is battling a foreclosure on his home from Bank of America.

Dexter Cato’s re-occupied home serves as base camp for Bayview residents fighting foreclosure.

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