Olivier’s Butchery

More meat for the vegetarian!

I was back in the meat locker, this time for the SF Chronicle,(read my other Butchery story here) at a small artisan butcher shop in the Dogpatch area of SF.  At Olivier’s Butchery, owner and head butcher Olivier Cordier specializes in French style cuts of meat that utilize the whole animal instead of the traditional American prime cuts that tend to leave a lot of waste.  “You don’t really see these cuts here,” he says, in his thick French accent, “This all usually gets thrown into ground beef.” Olivier and his team hung and butchered a Beef leg while I was there, knives whirling around me as I tried to stay out of the way.

Business has been good, Olivier said he has been regularly selling out of his stock in the freezer and has had to increase his orders.  There’s been a resurgence of interest in smaller scale, local butcher shops that are tied into the larger Slow Food Movement which is based around the ideas of shopping locally, knowing where your food is coming from, producing less waste by using more parts of the food item instead of select pieces and developing lasting relationships with the farmers and growers that produce the food.


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