Occupy Wall Street West

I covered 2 actions on Friday Jan. 20th for the Chronicle during a day of protests throughout San Francisco held under the banner  “Occupy Wall Street West”.  The days events were timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the Citizens United decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which removed limits on how much money corporations and labor unions could donate to political causes.

Read the articles here:  Court House  and  Occupy

Protesters gathered on the steps of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to demand a change to the “Citizens United” decision.

Liberate the Commons held a rally later in the evening at the Federal Building to draw attention to housing issues.  Braving the rain everyone then marched up Van Ness Ave. to the Cathedral Hill Hotel, which has sat empty for a number of years, in order to take it over as a public “open occupation”.  Riot police had arrived ahead of the march and had the front of the hotel barricaded.  After a brief stand off on Geary and Van Ness, a smaller group of protesters looped around to the back side and gained access through a service entrance.

Windows were smashed at the British Motor Car Distributors on Van Ness, which carries luxury brands like Bentley and Lamborghini.


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