Santa Rides a Harley

On a brisk 38 degree morning in East Oakland as the sun is just beginning to peak over the horizon, Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan watches traffic officers at the Eastmont Station warm up their bikes in preparation for their ride across the city on a mission of goodwill.  “This is community policing at its best.  Its something our officers look forward to each year” Jordan Said.

For the fifth year in a row at the center of the motorcade is Officer Jim Gordon, dressed as Santa and riding his police issue Harley Davidson, he and the other officers will wind their way across the greater Oakland metropolitan area in search of children and families to hand out free gifts to.  It’s one way the OPD is trying to win community support in areas that have been plagued by high crime and murder rates for decades.

“This is one way we give back to the community.” stated Lt. Williams, the Commander of the Traffic Division.

For the San Francisco Chronicle.

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