Busy Chronicle Monday

I shot 3 assignments for the SF Chronicle on Monday while most of their staff was covering the Occupy Oakland Port Shutdown that went on all day.

By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) holds a rally in front of Oakland’s Wiley Manuel Courthouse to defend 39 protesters from criminal charges who were arrested at the “Occupy Cal” demonstration at UC-Berkeley on November 9th.

BAMN Attorney Monica Smith hands a petition asking for charges against Occupy Cal protestors to be dropped to Deputy District Attorney Jeff Stark.

BAMN lawyers speak with defendants about the pending case outside of the Oakland District Attorney’s office.

I went up to Bernal Heights Park to find dog walkers for a story about Supervisor Scott Wiener proposing legislation to regulate professional dog walkers by forcing them to be licensed and allowing them to walk only seven dogs at one time.

PG&E’s new CEO, Anthony Earley during a press conference he held at PG&E headquarters in San Francisco to discuss his first three months on the job. He joined the company in September with a mandate to reform PG&E following the San Bruno disaster.

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