I shot a feature cover story for the SF Weekly about local butcher Oscar Yedra and the resurgence of artisan butcher shops.   The first shots are from the Flying Knives Butcher Contest at the annual Eat Real Oakland Festival where 3 teams had 45 minutes to chop up a hind quarter into select cuts.  Oscar’s team The Yedra Brothers, which includes his nephew Renato Yedra and co-worker Rian Rinn, won for the 3rd straight year.  I also went up to Golden Gate Meat Co. in Santa Rosa where Oscar works as the head butcher and oversees the cutting room floor a few days a week.  Golden Gate Meat is owned by Bill Niman who started world famous Niman Ranch and is a pioneer of the free-range/ grass-fed meat movement and a good friend of Oscar’s.

Read the article here: SF Weekly

Bill Niman, Golden Gate Meat owner, formally of Niman Ranch.

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