Down with the Ship

The Englewood Jaycees’ Captain Rick’s Cardboard Boat Race was held at Indian Mound Park yesterday in Englewood.

From the totally last minute “Instant Boat Class”, where kids were encouraged to grab a few boxes and some tape and try to whip up something that might float to the pre-planned “Business Sponsored Class” boats like Team Home Depot with their Lawn Mower themed boat, this was a pretty fun event to cover.

I think most people were into the idea of the crappy boats winning instead of the fancy ones, as I heard a smattering of boo’s when the very professional looking Punta Gorda Boat Club won it’s first race beating the shabbier and obviously more homemade Battle Ax boat.

There was also a “Titanic” award for the most spectacular sinking which had co-winners, Lemon Bay High School with their Manta Ray shaped boat that never made it off the starting line and the 4-H Club and their boat Redneck Country Girls that also went down and broke apart within seconds of touching the water leaving just a wet pile of cardboard on the beach.

Good Times!!

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