Watermelon Farwell

The last day of school at Englewood Elementary is traditionally “Watermelon Day”.   Bunch of sticky faced kids running amok spitting seeds at each other.  Fun!  I think I got summer homework once on one of my last days of school.  Not cool!!

Anyway, the kids also got to meet their new principle for next year.  He was probably the hippest principle I’d ever seen.  He was young, wearing jeans, had a soul patch, and what I think might of been Gel in his hair…you get the picture.  I remember the principle from my middle school who looked like General Patton and had a paddle that was hung on the wall behind his desk.  It had holes drilled into it to cut down on the the air resistance for a little extra oomph when he was dolling out the discipline.  My buddy Mark got a taste of it once and when he came back to class he was walking bowlegged and had to sit on the very edge of his seat!

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