The Sporting Life

So I guess ya gotta start somewhere right?  These photos are some of my first forays into shooting sports.

The first one was a doosey; Regional South West High School Track Meet.   I knew there was going to be a lot of running and jumping and throwing of various objects into the air but I had no idea that these events would be all happening more or less simultaneously.  Snap three frames of Discus and then run over to Pole Vaulting and shoot a few frames just in time to have the only girl from the school that I’m covering not even come close to making it over the bar, and then guess what, 100M Hurdles are starting right now and so is Shot Put and whatever else.  I never even saw the Long Jump but apparently there was one …who schedules these things?  Wow!  It was fun none the less!

Youth Inline Hockey League was cool.  Definitely way less structured than most school sports.  It was in the upper 80’s and humid and I was sweating just pushing the shutter button so I can’t imagine what these kids were going through.  After watching them with all of that equipment on I’m a firm believer that hockey is meant to be played on cold cold ice in more northern climes.

Englewood 5K Beach Run, which was a bit of a misnomer due to the fact that it wasn’t run on the beach because of sea turtle nesting, and rightly so.  The race was instead held on the road that runs parallel to the beach and there was a good turn out so no complaints.   I had this bright idea of getting long shots of the lead male and female runners approaching and then run over to the finish line to get them crossing as well.  No dice!  Got the long shots but didn’t really factor in trying to out sprint a pro or semi-pro runner to the finish while trying to change lenses, not drop anything and frame a shot…what was I thinking?  And I tried it twice!  Fail!

The Big Surf Youth Fishing Contest was a fun one for the 45 minutes I was there.  You just can’t take bad photos of happy kids at the beach!

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