House Show in SRQ

My friend Dave, aka Spinach, who is a SRQ lifer and proud of it, has been getting off his duff lately and organizing some shows under the moniker: Assault your Senses  (, right here in Sarasota which is typically devoid of any type of “youth”, or “underground” culture.  It’s been hard for him to find a venue as most clubs cater to customers that are the median age of Sarasota: retiree.  But there is an empty house called “The Joint Collective” which  is owned or rented or something by some Ringling Art School students who have been nice enough to let him have bands play there.  I went to the first show but I only saw the last two bands, one of which, Silent Way, was on tour from New Jersey and the other, Resi Noth, are local.  It was pretty fun with a good vibe.  I’m glad Dave’s got this going.  Looking forward to the next one!!

Silent Way

Resi Noth

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